Loose Ends

Serving the homeless and vulnerable in Newbury

West Berkshire Council provide a range of help and prevention services for clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.


If you have nowhere to sleep tonight :


Call the Emergency Out of Hours Team at West Berks Council on 01635 424 400


If you are at risk of becoming homeless or for advice on temporary accommodation, please click on this link :




or call the Housing Options Team, West Berks Council on 01635 519588



Swanswell are a registered charity providing specialist support for people who need help reducing, giving up, staying safe or are concerned about someone else using alcohol or drugs.


Their tailored personalised care is offered on a one-to-one or group basis for people and includes :


  • drug and/or alcohol treatment

  • access to substitute / anti-craving medication

  • access to detoxification treatment

  • harm reduction advice

  • healthcare advice and information

  • individual peer support, structured group work

  • referral for residential rehabilitation

  • drop-in clinics


Website : www.swanswell.org  


1 Station Rd, Newbury RG14 7LP
0300 003 7025



Emergency Services


Sleeping rough is an emergency but there is help available....   

Two Saints




Two Saints offer accommodation and wayfairing for the homeless. When it's freezing, supporting rough sleepers out of the cold and into emergency shelter provision is vital.


They work with local boroughs on the SWEP provisions. (Severe Weather Emergency Protocols) by offering a warm place to sleep.


They also offer assistance with :


  • Rent & Council tax arrears

  • Bailiffs

  • Loan Sharks

  • Pay Day loans

  • Any other debts

  • Budgeting advice

  • Benefits advice


Website  :  www.twosaints.org.uk


West Berkshire Citizens Advice Bureau provide free, confidential advice to everyone in the community, Staff are trained to to advise on many issues, including:


  • welfare benefits

  • money, debt and credit problems

  • employment

  • housing

  • family and personal issues

  • education and healthcare

  • Wix Facebook page

Registered Charity Number 1160508